DIN Series filters can be manufactured in diameters from 800 to 2.600 mm with top lid and a manhole on the side. Filters are designed according to DIN 19605/19643/18820 standard and constructed according to AD-Merkablatt N1 and BS. They are equipped with nozzle plate with filter nozzles. Flanges, interior components, tubing and support legs are made of GRP. Filtration media height ranges from 1.200 to 1.500 mm. Maximum working pressure of the vessel is 2,5 bar, 4 and 6 bar are possible as well, and it is submitted to pressure tests of up to 50% more than maximum working pressure.

⚬ DIN 19605/19643/18820
⚬ Vinyl ester lining as standard
⚬ Diametar from 800mm to 2600mm
⚬ Pressure tested up to 50% more than maximum working pressure
⚬ Bed height 1200mm or 1500 mm
⚬ Manholes, Inlet, Outlet and other connections can be oriented as per customers wishes